DLPA2005 - High Current PMIC/LED Driver for DLP2010 DMD and DLP2010NIR (0.2 WVGA) DMD

Updated : 2020-01-09 14:31:23

DLPA2005 is a dedicated PMIC/RGB LED/Lamp driver for the DLP2010, DLP2010NIR and DLP3010 Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) when used with a DLPC3430, DLPC3433, DLPC3435, DLCP3438, or DLPC150 digital controller. For reliable operation of these chipsets it is mandatory to use a DLPA2000 or DLPA2005.

Products containing the "DLPA2005" keyword are: DLPA2005ERSL , DLPA2005ERSLR , DLPA2005ERSLR , DLPA2005ERSLT , DLPA2005ERSLT

  • High Efficiency RGB LED/Lamp Driver With Buck-
    Boost DC-to-DC Converter, DMD Supplies, DPP
    Core Supply, 1.8-V Load Switch, and
    Measurement System in a Small Chip-Scale
  • Three Low-Impedance (30 mΩ Typical at 27°C)
    MOSFET Switches for Channel Selection
  • Independent, 10-Bit Current Control per Channel
  • 2.4-A Max LED Current for DLPA2005 Embedded
  • DMD Regulators
    • Requires Only a Single Inductor
    • VOFS: 10 V
    • VBIAS: 18 V
    • VRST: –14 V
    • Passive Discharge to GND When Disabled
  • DPP 1.1-V Core Supply
    • Synchronous Step-Down Converter With
      Integrated Switching FETs
    • Supports up to 600-mA Output Current
  • VLED Buck Boost Converter
    • Power Save Mode at Light Load Current
  • Low-Impedance Load Switch
    • VIN Range from 1.8 to 3.6 V
    • Supports up to 200 mA of Current
    • Passive Discharge to GND When Disabled
  • DMD Reset Signal Generation and Power Supply
  • 33-MHz Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Multiplexer for Measuring Analog Signals
    • Battery Voltage
    • LED Voltage, LED Current
    • Light Sensor (for White Point Correction)
    • Internal Reference Voltage
    • External (Thermistor) Temperature Sensor
  • Monitoring and Protection Circuits
    • Hot Die Warning and Thermal
    • Low-Battery Warning
    • Programmable Battery Undervoltage Lockout
    • Load Switch UVLO
    • Overcurrent and Undervoltage Protection
  • DLPA2005 QFN Package
    • 48-Pin 0.4-mm Pitch
    • Die Size: 6.0 mm × 6.0 mm ± 0.15 mm

SubFamilyNear-infrared (NIR)
Illumination wavelength rangeN/A
Micromirror array size
Chipset familyDLP2010^DLP2010NIR^DLP230GP^DLP230KP^DLP3010^DLPC3430^DLPC3432^DLPC3433^DLPC3434^DLPC3435^DLPC3438^DLPC3470^DLPC3478^DLPA2005
Micromirror pitch
Component typePMIC/LED Driver
Number of triggersN/A
Micromirror array orientationN/A
Micromirror driver support
Package GroupVQFN|48
Power consumption, typical
Thermal Dissipation (°C/W)27.9
Approx. price5.75 | 1ku