DLP5500 - DLP® 0.55 XGA DMD

Updated : 2020-01-09 14:31:25

Featuring over 750000 micromirrors, the high resolution DLP5500 (0.55" XGA) digitalmicromirror device (DMD) is a spatial light modulator (SLM) that modulates the amplitude,direction, and/or phase of incoming light. This advanced light control technology has numerousapplications in the industrial, medical, and consumer markets. The DLP5500 enables fine resolutionfor 3D printing applications.

The XGA resolution has the direct benefit of scanning large objects for 3D machinevision applications. Reliable function and operation of the DLP5500 requires that it be used inconjunction with the DLPC200 digital controller and the DLPA200 analog driver. This dedicatedchipset provides a robust, high resolution XGA, and high speed system solution.

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  • 0.55-Inch Micromirror Array Diagonal
    • 1024 × 768 Array of Aluminum, Micrometer-Sized Mirrors (XGA Resolution)
    • 10.8-µm Micromirror Pitch
    • ±12° Micromirror Tilt Angle
      (Relative to Flat State)
    • Designed for Corner Illumination
  • Designed for Use With Broadband Visible Light (420 nm – 700 nm):
    • Window Transmission 97% (Single Pass, Through Two Window Surfaces)
    • Micromirror Reflectivity 88%
    • Array Diffraction Efficiency 86%
    • Array Fill Factor 92%
  • 16-Bit, Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Double Data Rate (DDR) Input Data Bus
  • 200 MHz Input Data Clock Rate
  • Dedicated DLPC200 Controller for High-Speed Pattern Rates:
    • 5,000 Hz (1-Bit Binary Patterns)
    • 500 Hz (8-Bit Grayscale Patterns)
  • Series 450 Package Characteristics:
    • Thermal Area 18 mm × 12 mm Enabling High on Screen Lumens (>2000 lm)
    • 149 Micro Pin Grid Array Robust Electrical Connection
    • Package Mates to Amphenol InterCon Systems 450-2.700-L-13.25-149 Socket

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SubFamilyHigh speed visible
Illumination wavelength range420-700
Micromirror array size1024x768
Chipset familyDLP5500
Micromirror pitch10.8
Component typeDMD
Number of triggersN/A
Micromirror array orientationOrthogonal
Micromirror driver supportExternal
Package GroupCPGA|149
Power consumption, typical1700
Thermal Dissipation (°C/W)0.6
Approx. price458.18 | 100u