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The DLP4500NIR digital micromirror device (DMD) acts as a spatial light modulator (SLM)to steer near-infrared (NIR) light and create patterns with speed, precision, and efficiency.Featuring high resolution in a compact form factor, the DLP4500NIR DMD is often combined with asingle element detector to replace expensive InGaAs array-based detector designs, leading to highperformance, cost-effective portable solutions.

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  • 0.45-Inch Diagonal Micromirror Array
    • 912 × 1140 Resolution Array (>1 Million Micromirrors)
    • Diamond-Array Orientation Supports Side Illumination for Simplified, Efficient Optics Designs
    • Capable of WXGA Resolution Display
    • 7.6-µm Micromirror Pitch
    • ±12° Tilt Angle
    • 5-µs Micromirror Crossover Time (Nominal)
  • Highly Efficient Steering of NIR Light
    • Window Transmission Efficiency 96% Nominal (700 to 2000 nm, Single Pass Through Two Window Surfaces)
    • Window Transmission Efficiency 90% Nominal (2000 to 2500 nm, Single Pass Through Two Window Surfaces)
    • Polarization Independent Aluminum Micromirrors
    • Array Fill Factor 92% (Nominal)
  • Dedicated DLPC350 Controller for Reliable Operation
    • Binary Pattern Rates up to 4 kHz
    • Pattern Sequence Mode for Control Over Each Micromirror in Array
  • Integrated Micromirror Driver Circuitry
  • 9.1-mm × 20.7-mm Body Size for Portable Instruments
    • FQE Package With Simple Connector Interface
    • FQD Package With Enhanced Thermal Interface

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SubFamilyNear-infrared (NIR)
Illumination wavelength range700-2500
Micromirror array size912x1140
Chipset familyDLP4500NIR
Micromirror pitch7.6
Component typeDMD
Number of triggersN/A
Micromirror array orientationDiamond
Micromirror driver supportIntegrated
Package GroupCLGA|98
Power consumption, typical442
Thermal Dissipation (°C/W)2
Approx. price421.19 | 1ku